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Join the cannabis health care movement and earn a guaranteed hourly rate, bonus opportunity, mileage reimbursement and other great perks delivering cannabis for a licensed retailer powered by Grassp.

Driver Qualifications

Valid Drivers License & Registration

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Reliable Vehicle

Passion for Helping People

Friendly & Professional

Strong Communication Skills

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Passion for Health Care

A Simple, Affordable Approach to Health Care

We are here to help improve the quality of lives and health outcomes within the community daily. Delivering elevated experiences to our members with love and compassion enhances their entire experience with cannabis and provides a trusted pathway for safe and affordable premium cannabis products.

Inspiring Stories of Hope

Testimonials From Our Passionate Community

Dementia Specialist - Taylor R.N.

As a nurse with 13 years experience in the Dementia community, Taylor understands how education and trust are key to changing the misinformation surrounding cannabis. It’s rewarding for her, the families and everyone involved in providing care when you see the immediate impact of it’s medicinal benefits. Here is her story.

Roger's Story

Learn how cannabis drastically changed the quality of life for Roger’s wife who was diagnosed with early onset Alzhiemer’s. The strength of this relationship is an inspiration to our team. Here is their story.

Leo's Story

Listen to Kim explain how cannabis has helped to improve Leo’s quality of life, and how it directly compares to traditional pharmaceuticals used to treat him. Leo’s strength is an inspiration to our team, and we are grateful to be able support his recovery process. Here is their story.

“We created Grassp to provide a safer, more convenient way of discovering high quality cannabis products available for delivery through licensed dispensaries. Our friendly trained service providers deliver knowledge and care to our passionate community, lifting others up with exceptional health & wellness solutions. Your support continues to make Grassp the safest, most convenient way of acquiring cannabis products on-demand.”

David Johnson


Elevating Health and Wellness is Our Mission

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