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Dementia / Alzheimers

End anxiety, depression, irritability and other sun-downing behaviors often associated with Dementia & Alzheimers. Clinical studies and reports suggest that medical cannabis may be effective for treating neuropsychiatric symptoms associated with dementia (i.e., agitation, disinhibition, irritability, aberrant motor behaviour, nocturnal behaviour disorders, and aberrant vocalization and resting care). Dementia refers to a set of symptoms and signs associated with a progressive deterioration of cognitive functions that affects daily activities. Neuropsychiatric symptoms (NPS) are common to all dementia types and may manifest as agitation, aggression, wandering, apathy, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, psychosis, and eating disorders.

Proud Research Partner of UCIPT at UCLA Health

Grassp Health is a proud research partner of the UC Institute for Prediction Technology at UCLA Health, working together to uncover ways technology can help improve public health & safety. UCLA Health hospitals and David Geffen School of Medicine are ranked #1 in Los Angeles, #1 in California and #4 in the nation. Together we partnered on a first of its kind published scientific paper by Dr. Sean Young PhD, MS from UCIPT at UCLA Health and founder of the UCLA Health Center for Digital Behavior on interviews with Grassp Health patients. Exploring reasons for cannabis use and experiences among mobile cannabis delivery patients.

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